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Azito x Tatsunoko Legends


Azito x Tatsunoko Legends

Following (3) Developer: Hamster
Publisher: Hamster


Azito x Tatsunoko Legends for Xbox One.

The secret base creating games, appeared those popular characters who from Tatsunoko! Latest work of 1997 to the first of his secret base creates simulation game was released "hideout" was played the animation studio Tatsunoko and the tie-up! Such as Gatchaman and Yatterman, familiar heroes will be a big success in the game. Players become the commander of the hideout, it will control the secret base. The military strengthening in the development and base of armed combat weapons, the !! this work Let's protect the base from enemies and recorded game mode of the three-play style! "Mission mode" to challenge in all 30 types of mission, the purpose of which is to obtain the release of such important items at the base strengthening. "Free mode" is making full use of such items obtained in mission mode, it is the purpose is to make free the ultimate secret base. The "online mode" is proud of the secret base made with free mode, it is possible to play against other players (asynchronous), it will be awarded Dokuro Stone when you win. Otherwise, it is a variety of ranking held purpose of measuring the level of their secret base. Make a base you think you are the strongest, and enjoy the 3 types of battle.

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