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Protodroid DeLTA

Adam Kareem
Humble Games

Protodroid DeLTA

Developer: Adam Kareem
Publisher: Humble Games Xbox Store: here Price: Free


Protodroid DeLTA is a fast and fluid 3D action-platformer set in a beautiful and hopeful Solarpunk world. Take on challenging bosses, upgrade your systems, and show humanity the promise of AI.

Welcome to Radia
In a vibrant vision of Earth’s future, the world-renowned roboticist Dr. Shelton has created one of the first Protodroids, a hyper-advanced android named DeLTA with near-human levels of intelligence. DeLTA was made to "be the change" that shows the world the promise of what AI can become—and so she sets out to prove to a skeptical world she's more than “just a robot.”

However, when a gang of Vypers attacks Shelton's lab, the doctor is forced to enable DeLTA’s combat subroutines and retrofit her with weapons systems for self-defense. After DeLTA successfully fends off the attackers, Dr. Shelton sets DeLTA on a new course: defend the region against the rising Vyper threat, earn the city’s trust and affection, and show the world the true promise of what AI can become.

- Dynamic 3D action platforming
- Draw upon DeLTA’s extraordinary dexterity and distinctive arsenal to navigate challenging stages.
- Jump and shoot in 3D gameplay designed to channel the fast and fluid feel of 2D classics like Mega Man X.

Protodroid DeLTA is coming to XBOX, PS4, Switch & PC!

Offline Players: 1
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: NO

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