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Guara Studios
Guara Studios


Optimized for Xbox Series X|S
Developer: Guara Studios
Publisher: Guara Studios Xbox Store: here Price: $9.99


Sapu is a young frog who lives in the frog village located in the frog forest. On a beautiful Tuesday afternoon Sapu is awakened by other villagers, informing him that his grandfather had been bitten by a poisonous carnivorous plant while catching fireflies for dinner, and that he was on the brink of death. Sapu despairs but soon has an idea of how to save his grandfather and goes on an adventure in the forest.

Xbox Play AnywhereXbox One X 4K Ultra HD
Offline Players: 1
  • Xbox Series X|S Optimized
  • Xbox 4K Ultra HD
  • Xbox Play Anywhere
  • 120 fps
  • 60 fps+
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: NO

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