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Techwars Global Conflict

Argus Games
Argus Games

Techwars Global Conflict

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Publisher: Argus Games Xbox Store: here Price: Free


TechWars: Global Conflict, the world’s first isometric PVP mecha-action with direct control, is now available to play-for-free on #XBOX! #TechWars #XboxSeriesX

The story component is based on an alternative history from Mikhail Vlad’s novels. According to the plot, the world slid into anarchy in 2050 and now there is only one law – the law of force that is based on cutting-edge technologies. Russian ‘Dominion’ and American ‘KATO’ used their armies of giant war robots to clash in an apocalyptic confrontation of supercorporations for control over the planet.

The player will have to become a pilot of one of the factions and take part in the battle for control over a number of locations. The choice of a faction plays an important role. Each faction has its global technologies. The Dominion robots can cause devastating air strikes, while KATO mechanoids can protect themselves from damage for a few seconds.

Only the strongest player will be able to win in this war of titanic mechs. Use all the features of world’s realistic technology Techwars. Victory in every battle will bring you closer to creating your own death machine.

Offline Players: 1
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: 8

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