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Truck Driver - Title Update

Triangle Studios

Truck Driver - Title Update

Following (0) Developer: Triangle Studios
Publisher: SOEDESCO Official Site: here Price: Free


This Title Update (Update) works with: Truck Driver


Update V1.29 introduces several new things to the trucking experience. Players can now fast travel to garages they own, there's a new rain effect for truck windshields, the skills and passive level caps increased from 5 to 20, there are 15 new unlockable paint color options in the garage and more. Besides this, several known issues have been fixed as well. You can read the full patch notes below.

Patch Notes
- NEW: Option to fast travel to garages you own through in-game pause menu
- NEW: Skills and passives level caps increased from 5 to 20
- NEW: 15 new unlockable paint color option in the garage
- NEW: The game now shows the unlock requirements for every locked customization option
- NEW: Overhauled rain effect on truck windshields
- NEW: Added 'Restore Default' functionality in the options screen
- NEW: New sound effects implemented in different aspects of the game
- Fixed: Turning radius issues for 6x4 and 8x4 trucks
- Fixed: Save data, load results in returning to nearest resting place
- Fixed: GUI issues when applying paint jobs
- Fixed: Truck KW and HP stats adjusted
- Fixed: Adjustments to random road blocks
- Fixed: Reduced visual artifacts when driving in tunnels with the top view camera
- Fixed: Removed low quality trees close to the road
- Fixed: Removed instances of grass placed in the middle of the road
- Fixed: Fixed visual glitches in the farm hidden place
- Fixed: Gamma configuration now affects GUI
- Fixed: Some floating interaction icons were missing (rest stops, jobs etc.)

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