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Exclusive Battlefield 4 (BF4) XBOX ONE 64 Player Madness Gameplay in Full HD 1080p

Exclusive Battlefield 4 (BF4) XBOX ONE 64 Player Madness Gameplay in Full HD 1080p

Published: Monday, February 10, 2014Tagged: Gaming, Xbox Live, Xbox One

If you still haven't been lucky enough to play BF4 on the Xbox One XBOXONE-HQ's exclusive Battlefield 4 Full HD 1080p gameplay videos might be just the ticket you've been waiting for. Check out some of the epic 64 player madness that you've all been missing out on and don't forget to subscribe for more vids!

Battlefield 4 Xbox One Gameplay HD 1080p

If you have been wondering what's the difference between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions check out all of our Battlefield 4 coverage via our official XBOX ONE YouTube Channel and XBOX 360 YouTube Channel.

Battlefield 4 "Dawnbreaker" 64 Player XBOX ONE Conquest Gameplay

In Dawnbreaker players are thrown into battle in a metropolitan environment set at dawn in an urban setting with jets, scout helicopters, attack helicopters, tanks and all types of infantry vehicles. Three gas line stations can be overheated by players, causing a chain of explosions along a gas line. This will leave a huge scar in one of the roads and also make it possible to destroy one of Dawnbreaker's bridges. Check out some exclusive Xbox One gameplay and some nice piloting.

Battlefield 4 (BF4) "Epic Moments" SIEGE OF SHANGAI 64 Player XBOX ONE Gameplay

Siege of Shanghai features all-out war at sea, air, and land, with a great focus on vertical combat. The skyscraper holds 3 sets of twin elevators which players can use to access the upper floors. Any player can trigger the Levolution of the skyscraper by rocketing the 4 concrete pillars at the base of the building. Check out some epic Battlefield 4 moments on Xbox One in Full HD and subscribe for more videos.

Battlefield 4 "Operation Metro 2014" XBOX ONE Gameplay

Operation Metro 2014 is an infantry-combat based map modeled around the same post-nuked Parisian underground railway station we all know and loved in Battlefield 3. The remake includes loads of improvements including enhanced visuals and lighting, map tweaks, on/off switches to turn down the lights, additional zones on the side of B flag (doorways/stairwells) and the new Levolution feature as well. Available first on Xbox One in the Second Assault Expansion Pack, Battlefield 4 Operation Metro 2014 is a remake of the epic Battlefield 3 map Operation Metro.

Battlefield 4 "Operation Locker" XBOX ONE Conquest Gameplay

Battlefield 4 Operation Locker is a multiplayer level that is set in the Kunlun mountains in China. The level focuses on close-quarters urban combat in an old prison with no vehicles. Players can lock electronic gates to force the enemy to take certain paths and the guard tower which is located in the center of the map can be taken down with around 4 rockets. On the Xbox One version there are 3 extra flags and the map is huge. I've played both Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions now and the Xbox One version with 64 players is absolutely insane. Urban Warfare at it's best.

Battlefield 4 (BF4) "ROGUE TRANSMISSION" 64 Player XBOX ONE Sniper Gameplay

Check out some epic sniper shooting on Rogue Transmission.

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