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Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Trailer Reveals New Weapons and Vehicles

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Trailer Reveals New Weapons and Vehicles

Published: Friday, August 23, 2013Tagged: Xbox DLC, Gaming, Xbox Live, Xbox One

EA and DICE have released an intense 64 player trailer for Battlefield 4, giving us our first
glimpse at the multiplayer level "Paracel Storm", and a preview of the China Rising Expansion pack, available free when you pre-order Battlefield 4. Uncover some of the new weapons and vehicles that are on the way to Battlefield later this year.

Battlefield 4 Video Game

Check out the intense and dramatic naval combat on swelling seas and stormy oceans, with 64-player action in the Battlefield 4 "Paracel Storm" map. Along side the new video came wallpaper-sized screenshots from the Battlefield 4 gamescom map “paracel Storm”. You can download the complete series of wallpaper here.

Here's a list of new vehicles and weapons that we've compiled from the official Battlefield 4 Paracel Storm Multiplayer trailer. New vehicles including the J-20 Chinese Stealth Jet, PAK FA Russian Fighter Jet, CB-90 Swedish Assault Boats featured in the latest video. With a bunch of never seen before weapons like the Galil 821 Assault Rifle, M-82 50 Cal Sniper Rifle and more.

New Vehicles in Battlefield 4

  • Chengdu J-20 (Jian-20) Chinese Stealth Jet - The J-20 Stealth Jet has a long and wide fuselage, with the chiseled nose section and a frameless canopy resembling the F-22 Raptor.

  • Sukhoi PAK FA Russian Fighter Jet - The Russian PAK FA Fighter Jet is a fifth generation jet fighter intended to be the successor to the MiG-29 and Su-27 in Russia.

  • CB-90 Swedish Assault Boat - Developed by the Swedish army.

New Weapons in Battlefield 4

  • Galil 821 Israeli 556 Assault Rifle -

  • M-82 50 Cal Sniper Rifle - This weapon will be available as a pickup only weapon in Battlefield 4.

  • AK-12 - An updated version of the AK47 manufactured by the Russian military.

  • MG-4 Light Machine Gun - A German Heckler and Koch 556 belt feed light machine gun.

  • Intervention Sniper Rifle - The Intervention Sniper Rifle will be making it's debut in Battlefield 4

“Battlefield 4 Premium” members will receive five themed digital expansion packs: “Battlefield 4 China Rising,” “Battlefield 4 Second Assault,” “Battlefield 4 Naval Strike,” “Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth” and “Battlefield 4 Final Stand”. Battlefield 4 Premium members get 2 weeks early access to all DLC and weekly content and personalization option updates.

Battlefield 4 launches this October on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. All your “Battlefield 4” stats, such as earned stats, ranks and gear, will carry over when you upgrade to the Xbox One version in November. If you are planning on grabbing the game on Xbox One, check out the official XBOXONE-HQ.COM Battlefield 4 platoon on Battlelog and don't forget to follow the game on XONE-HQ.

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