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Halo is going to be Adapted in a Brand New TV Series

Halo is going to be Adapted in a Brand New TV Series

Published: Thursday, July 05, 2018Tagged: Gaming, Xbox One, Xbox One X

Do you remember the epic game Halo that took the universe by storm in 2001? Any gamer would vouch for how great Halo as a gaming series has been. It’s got everything that an action game needs, and we are sure you have spent hundreds of hours playing it. However, what if you could have your favorite game as a TV series today?

Halo is going to be Adapted in a Brand New TV Series

There’s going to be a primetime show in adaptation of the video game that featured a revolutionary battle Covenant, the alien threat and the whole of humanity. The news has excited Halo fans who would form a major part of the audience along with new uninitiated ones. It doesn’t matter if you like playing online casino Mohegan Sun, we are sure you would love the fact that your favorite game is now going to be a TV Series!

A Look at Halo: The TV Series

David Nevins, president and CEO of SHOWTIME announced recently that they are going to present a 10 episode season based on the popular game series. The show will feature the Halo universe which is really immersive and introduces the 26 century battle between humans and aliens. Rupert Wyatt of Rise of the Planet of the Apes fame will be directing many episodes of the season and also act as the executive producer. The series is expected to start filming the hour-long episodes in 2019.

Nevins said that Halo was their most ambitious project ever. He added that the series has been due a long time and will be a reward to the fans for being patient for so long. In his opinion, television couldn’t have enough of science fiction and there is always room for more!

He is counting on the scriptwriting skills of Kevin Killen for developing a provocative and thrilling content. Killen is also the executive producer, showrunner and writer of the series. Nevins also praised the direction of Rupert and was sure that the duo’s vision of Halo is going to enthrall the video game fans and the new viewers too!

The franchise of Halo was happy at the development. Head of Halo Transmedia of 343 Industries, Kiki Wolfkill, said that the moment was exciting for the whole franchise. In collaboration with Amblin Television and SHOWTIME production partners, the Halo universe will provide new and innovative ways for fans to enter and engage with the Halo universe. He also promised to update us with any updates.

Scott Pennington, Wyatt and Killen are going to act as the executive producer of the show. On Amblin Television’s part, Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey will be executive producing the series. You will be able to catch the series on CBS Studios International which will have the global broadcasting rights.

So it’s a wait till the end of the next year before we could get to see some glimpses or even a teaser of the upcoming Halo tele-series.

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