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Best Casino Games for playing on Xbox (TOP 7)

Best Casino Games for playing on Xbox (TOP 7)

Published: Monday, February 25, 2019Tagged: Gaming, Xbox One

Everyone heard about such gaming console as Xbox. Xbox is the only console which has casino games. Today there are many fans of this genre that receive a lot of pleasure from virtual Las Vegas establishments.

Best Casino Games for playing on Xbox (TOP 7)

You are the only one who define how to receive access to your favorite games. Some people prefer buy Xbox products and have fun at any moment being at home, some – to visit a real land casino and spend their money there. Along with that, you have a third ability. If you like perfect online gambling games and provide full access to all famous gambling games.

TOP 7 Xbox Casino Games

Xbox is a Microsoft gaming brand that is well-known for its entrancing gameplay and high-quality graphics. That is why playing such games allow users receive extremely full emotions and have great experience. When Xbox abilities unite with casino thematic, result becomes strikingly realistic and atmospheric. Let’s take a brief look on the best products of such genre.

  1. Test Drive Unlimited 2 Casino Online - This is a product of action genre for casino admirers. Here player can even create his own character. By the way, it is a third person game with a socializing aspect. It supports multiplayer so up to 31 persons can play together during one session. Yet if you want to use such an ability, you have to install a special “add on” called TDU 2: Casino Online. That is the perfect way to feel yourself being at real casino and receive a unique experience during the play.

  2. Full House Poker - This Xbox game is a great helper in studying how to play well-known card game. Here players can try out their skills and knowledge in their try to beat virtual casino. In fact, this product is a gambling simulator that create for players a feeling of presence in a virtual poker room. Poker admirers can easily fight in their knowledge and skills with the help of this Xbox game.

  3. High Rollers Casino - This game is a masterpiece of well-known Bethesda Softworks developer. Such big name creates the feeling that this game would provide something really great. The way it is! This game is extremely close to a real casino and provide full immersion into the gambling world. It became real with the help of fascinating 3D graphics that create realistic surrounding. Along with that, you always can personalize your character just as your heart desires. One of the most important and impressive functions of this product is an ability to join various tournaments against other real people.

  4. Pure Hold’em - This product makes poker world much closer to Xbox games. Player can choose one of six diverse tables for play. Moreover, the higher his level, the more difficult game is. Therefore, each level player needs to use more and more high skills. The final point is master’s table, which could be reached only by experienced players with high-level skills. Anyway, it is a game of chance so you cannot be sure in victory only because of big knowledge. Do not forget during the game gain credits and use them for your status improvement.

  5. Fable II Pub Games - This game is a result of Lionhead Studios work. It appeared in August 2008 and quickly became popular. Here you can see three various Pub Games. Each of them provide a reward for your character. Playing various mini games of this product you can receive not only a lot of pleasure but also a great experience. During the play, you can unlock additional abilities such as various tournaments. Moreover, each time you defeat computer rivals you earn some tasty items.

  6. Casino Nights - Some players think that great graphics is not about this game. However, this product is a great example of rare indoor sports. Here you can find a lot of various casino games and play them staying at your home. The main advantage of this product is a wide range of offered games. Player never would be bored because of an ability to change his choice at any moment.

  7. Baccarat - Another wonderful simulator for Xbox players. It provides a comfortable game right at your home. You can sit in your favorite armchair and have few rounds of baccarat. If you are enough successful, game would unlock a special VIP room. Just a great product to have if you are an admirer of such relaxation.

Why players choose Xbox?

People all over the world prefer using Xbox for their leisure because of high quality and wide range of existing products. You can test yourself in the role of racer, warrior, sniper or just usual person trapped to zombie apocalypse. This is definitely great ability that can provide a lot of bright emotions and new feelings.

As you can see, Xbox offers products even for casino games admirers. There is a wide range of various products that offer card and table games of chance. Some of them create a full casino atmosphere and let users feel themselves like being in a real casino.

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