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Ultimate Games S.A.

Warsaw, Poland

Ultimate Games S.A.

Some of Ultimate Games S.A.'s most popular games are:

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Company Details
Company Name Ultimate Games S.A.
Twitter @ULTGames
Headquarters Warsaw, Poland

Games published by Ultimate Games S.A.

Animal Rescue boxart for Xbox One

Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue, an adventure game which allows you to become a field veterinarian and rescuer, will debut in the fourth quarter of 2021 – announced Ultimate Games S.A. The player will react to crisis situations and save defenceless animals from the ..

Platform: Xbox One

Q4 2021

Bad Dream: Coma boxart for Xbox One

Bad Dream: Coma

Welcome to Bad Dream: Coma. A point&click game where unique minimalistic art style creates an unforgettable and atmospheric experience. Travel through the surreal and disturbing dreamland where everything depends on your actions. You can't die but yo..

Platform: Xbox One

April 20, 2021

Bouncy Bob 2 boxart for Xbox One

Bouncy Bob 2

Bouncy Bob: Episode 2 is a perfect co-op experience for up to 4 players. Choose your character and prepare to have fun with one of the game modes. In Tower Challenge you need to overcome single-player challenges with rising difficulty. Arena Mode mak..

Platform: Xbox One

November 13, 2020

Bug Academy boxart for Xbox One

Bug Academy

In Bug Academy players can train different insects, including flies, fireflies, mosquitoes and bees. The gameplay consists of performing various unusual activities, such as working in a mine, extinguishing fires, guarding animals on pastures or launc..

Platform: Xbox One

August 27, 2020

Car Demolition Clicker boxart for Xbox One

Car Demolition Clicker

Ever dreamed of smashing your own car? Or maybe a car of your neighbour? Well... now you have a chance! Grab your weapon, call out your battle drones and start clicking the car into oblivion! Earn cash, upgrade your equipment and find more vehicles t..

Platform: Xbox One

December 2, 2020

Car Mechanic Simulator Classic boxart for Xbox One

Car Mechanic Simulator Classic

Car Mechanic Simulator Classic is a simulation game, in which you play as a car mechanic. The game allows you to become a car mechanic who has to diagnose, make repairs, order the necessary parts, and contact the demanding customers. The tasks set fo..

Platform: Xbox One

August 14, 2020

Castle Flipper boxart for Xbox One

Castle Flipper

Castle Flipper, a unique simulator of a medieval renovator and builder, is coming to consoles and PC. The developers explain that it’s not just a “medieval House Flipper”, but also a builder game allowing players to, among others, build whole c..

Platform: Xbox One


Commander '85 boxart for Xbox One

Commander '85

Commander 85 is a sci-fi thriller about a seemingly ordinary birthday present that changes the lives of the main characters forever, disturbing the sleepy peace of the Chicago suburbs. However, when the military experiments get out of control and the..

Platform: Xbox One

September 30, 2020

Deadliest Catch: The Game boxart for Xbox One

Deadliest Catch: The Game

Enter the dangerous world of king crab fishing in the deadly Bering Sea! Take command of your own fishing vessel, use realistic equipment, combat hazardous Alaskan waters and become the world's best crab catcher! In November this year on the PC (S..

Platform: Xbox One


Demolish & Build boxart for Xbox One

Demolish & Build

Use big machines to demolish huge buildings or go close and personal and use your hammer. Buy land properties, upgrade your machines and hire workers in different parts of the world. Demolish & Build offers four huge locations in which we can cons..

Platform: Xbox One

July 3, 2020

Essex: The Whale Hunter boxart for Xbox One

Essex: The Whale Hunter

Essex: The Whale Hunter will offer a high seas adventure filled with emotions and realism. The game will take place in the 19th century, on the island of Nantucket and the Atlantic Ocean. The XBOX release date is set to 2023. Essex: The Whale Hunter..

Platform: Xbox One


Farm Mechanic Simulator boxart for Xbox One

Farm Mechanic Simulator

Farm Mechanic Simulator, a new game that allows you step into the shoes of a mechanic specialising in repairing agricultural vehicles and machines, will make its debut in the fourth quarter of 2021. As announced by Ultimate Games S.A., the simulator ..

Platform: Xbox One


Fishing Adventure boxart for Xbox One

Fishing Adventure

Fishing Adventure is a typical fishing game, where the player can (drums) catch different fish species! Fish in USA, Hawaii and other unique fisheries. Game is quite simple, designed to run even at older computers! Main Features: - Over 30 s..

Platform: Xbox One

August 13, 2021

Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator boxart for Xbox One

Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator

In Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator players can count on unusual tactical challenges, a challenging level of difficulty and a considerable dose of madness. When it comes to the graphics, one of the main inspirations was the style of Albert Uderzo, the a..

Platform: Xbox One

June 16, 2021

Nubarron The adventure of an unlucky gnome boxart for Xbox One

Nubarron The adventure of an unlucky gnome

Gnome, one of the merry and lucky inhabitants of the forest, lost his lucky hat. This unfortunate event turns out to be a little bit more important than it may seem at plain sight. Gnome's hat was the source of his luckiness and with it gone an unpre..

Platform: Xbox One

December 23, 2020

Oneiros boxart for Xbox One


Will you be able to break the vicious circle? Can you regain control? Experience the surreal adventure filled with many puzzles and psychedelic visions...

Platform: Xbox One

January 13, 2021

Pangeon boxart for Xbox One


Pangeon is a single-player roguelike inspired by dungeon crawler classics. Dive right into a dungeon on a suicide mission to kill all the monsters. Fight your way through to the bottom of the so-called Pangeon—an organization located in a dungeon t..

Platform: Xbox One

November 4, 2020

Priest Simulator boxart for Xbox One

Priest Simulator

Priest Simulator, an uncompromising game that allows you to become an unusual priest offers 100 missions, a grotesque and absurd atmosphere, as well as spectacular clashes with shatanists. The game will first debut on PC in 2022 and will also be rele..

Platform: Xbox One


Roadside Assistance Simulator boxart for Xbox One

Roadside Assistance Simulator

Roadside Assistance Simulator is a unique open-world, first-person perspective (FPP) game. The basic gameplay will consist of completing various tasks connected to road assistance and support during accidents and other road incidents. Roadside Ass..

Platform: Xbox One


Robot Squad Simulator X boxart for Xbox One

Robot Squad Simulator X

In Robot Squad Simulator you take role of an operator of remote-controlled robots used during military missions, spy missions and rescue operations. Among the machines there are ones that move through surface and there are flying and underwater drone..

Platform: Xbox One

May 1, 2020

Rover Mechanic Simulator boxart for Xbox One

Rover Mechanic Simulator

Rover Mechanic Simulator is OUT NOW for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S! "Welcome to Mars! Rover Mechanic Simulator is a game in which you are a mechanic working on one of the first Martian colonies. Your main tasks include the repair and maintenanc..

Platform: Xbox One

September 22, 2021

Selma and the Wisp boxart for Xbox One

Selma and the Wisp

Selma and the Wisp is an astonishing platform game with a particularly eerie feel to it. Densely packed with logical puzzles and unexpected obstacles, innovative gameplay. Created by a group of passionate developers led by a visionary artist, “S..

Platform: Xbox One

February 7, 2020

Ships 2022 boxart for Xbox One

Ships 2022

Next year, Ships 2022, a new game combining an economic strategy game and a simulator with elements of an action game, will debut on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S – announced Games Box S.A. Ships 2022 will allow you to manage your own port and se..

Platform: Xbox One


Smuggler Simulator boxart for Xbox One

Smuggler Simulator

Smuggler Simulator is a singleplayer focused game with a 3D open world and procedurally generated missions and locations. The title will allow you to make a career in a very risky “profession” and move various goods across borders in a more or le..

Platform: Xbox One


Stinky Company Simulator boxart for Xbox One

Stinky Company Simulator

In Stinky Company Simulator you play as the owner of a company dealing with the collection and disposal of waste. Earn money by completing new jobs. Grow your business by buying new tools and vehicles. Also, beware of competition that will not hesita..

Platform: Xbox One


Thief Simulator 2 boxart for Xbox One

Thief Simulator 2

Thief Simulator 2 will transport you to a world full of valuables, expensive cars, and rustling banknotes. As long as you find a way to steal them. Know that a thief’s trade is not a piece of cake. In order to get some practice, you’ll start with..

Platform: Xbox One


Together boxart for Xbox One


Together is a 2D cooperative platformer. The game offers both a single player mode and a local co-op mode for two players. The creators have prepared a very diverse world, which has been stripped of its colours by the evil Mona Chrome. The player’s..

Platform: Xbox One


Train Station Renovation boxart for Xbox One

Train Station Renovation

Train Station Renovation launches June 2nd on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. In Train Station Renovation you play as a renovation company specialised in restoring railway stations. The game is set in abandoned and destroyed train stations, you will..

Platform: Xbox One

June 2, 2021

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 boxart for Xbox One

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2

Ultimate Games S.A. has announced that the bestselling Ultimate Fishing Simulator will be getting a sequel. Immerse yourself in the virtual world of fishing and test yourself in the fishing technique of your choice! Feeder, fly fishing, spinning ..

Platform: Xbox One


Ultimate Summer boxart for Xbox One

Ultimate Summer

A mix of tower defense with classic shooter. Gather resources, place traps, build towers, and buy weapons to exterminate waves of United Forces of Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Cthulhu, Carnivores and Aliens. Tormented by remorse, the retired butcher come..

Platform: Xbox One


Vampire's Fall: Origins boxart for Xbox One

Vampire's Fall: Origins

2D open-world RPG "Vampire's Fall: Origins" hits @Xbox on September 17. #VampiresFall Vampire’s Fall: Origins is a 2D open-world RPG with tactical combat. Create your character, choose your bloodline and venture out in the world. Wil..

Platform: Xbox One

September 17, 2020

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