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Electrician Simulator

Take IT Studio!
Ultimate Games S.A.

Electrician Simulator

Optimized for Xbox Series X|S
Developer: Take IT Studio!
Publisher: Ultimate Games S.A. Xbox Store: here Price: $19.99


Electrician Simulator, a relaxing game that will allow you to make a career in the electrical industry, is heading to Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. In the coming months, the title will first debut on PC, but Steam players can already download Electrician Simulator - First Shock, a free prologue introducing them to the game world.

In the Electrician Simulator game you will take on the role of an electrician.
Learn the secrets of the electrician profession and become the best professional in town!

Variety of missions and customers! Is there anything more interesting than new challenges? Check your inbox regularly and accept a variety of jobs - from small tasks to complex electrical installations! Remember being an electrician is not only fun but also professional. Try to do your job with as much attention to detail as possible! It's better not to mess with customers…

Arrange your garage. Everyone has a favorite place, right? Customize your home and garage to suit your needs! Raise money from orders and install as much electrical equipment in your home as you want!

Endless possibilities! Procedurally generated houses, random quests and even more challenges - it's all waiting for you!
Repair broken gadgets at the workbench, go on missions and earn experience to unlock various exciting rewards!

Electrician simulator will be released on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5/4, Switch. The game is available to play for free on STEAM.

Offline Players: 1
  • Xbox Series X|S Optimized
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: NO

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