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Maid of Sker Achievements

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Easy Listening Easy Listening 0 Listen to all Gramophone recordings 25
Smooth Operator Smooth Operator 0 Listen to all Speaker Phone messages 25
Phonic Boom Phonic Boom 0 Use all Phonic Modulator charges 25
Ending on a High Note Ending on a High Note 0 Play all musical instruments in game 25
Maids of Sker Maids of Sker 0 Find all the musical dolls 25
Sker Explorer Sker Explorer 0 Visit every location and room in the Sker Mansion and grounds 25
Don't Breathe Don't Breathe 0 Hold your breathe more than 50 times 25
Chief Butler Chief Butler 0 Ring all ground floor bells 25
Scholar Scholar 0 Find all notes 25
Choking Hazard Choking Hazard 0 End up coughing 10 times 25
Bull in a China Shop Bull in a China Shop 0 Bump into furniture 250 times 50
Animal Lover Animal Lover 0 Pet the Dog 50
Hard Times Hard Times 0 Complete the game on hard setting 100
Life Saver Life Saver 0 Complete the game without saving 100
Dodgy Geezer Dodgy Geezer 0 Don't get hit by the enemies at all in the game 100

Secret Achievements

Nuisance Caller Nuisance Caller 0 Ignore Elisabeth's calls 25
Wales Interactive Wales Interactive 0 Interact with the Whale sculpture 25
Perfect Harmony! Perfect Harmony! 0 If Thomas plays the four pieces of the Counter Song on the Harmonium 100
Rapturous Applause! Rapturous Applause! 0 Thomas gives Elisabeth the four brass music cylinders 100
Luddite Luddite 0 Don't use the Phonic Modulator 100