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The Sorrowvirus - A Faceless Short Story Achievements

Full list of The Sorrowvirus - A Faceless Short Story achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Sorrowvirus - A Faceless Short Story has 14 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Deliverance Deliverance 0 Complete the first instance. 60
Furtherance Furtherance 0 Complete the second instance. 70
Inheritance Inheritance 0 Complete the third instance. 80
Remembrance Remembrance 0 Complete the fourth instance. 90
The Bear Valley Tragedy The Bear Valley Tragedy 0 Listen to the last words of a Wakeland City victim. 70
Beyond Blood Beyond Blood 0 Find Rosco Heller's recording. 70
Anomalous Caverns Anomalous Caverns 0 Successfully make it through The Cave without dying. 70
Indomitable Indomitable 0 Get into Cassandra Noble's safe room. 70
No Room Unexplored No Room Unexplored 0 Find the bonus Grandfather Clock. 70
Defiance Defiance 0 Find the hidden door. 70
Whispers Of Wakeland Whispers Of Wakeland 0 Find Elijah grey's recording. 70
Hollow Nexus Hollow Nexus 0 Get into the Fallen Grace Church. 70
Set Him Free Set Him Free 0 Free Wyatt's soul. 70
Atrophied Atrophied 0 Get the True Ending. 70