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Secret Agent : Cold War Espionage Achievements

Full list of Secret Agent : Cold War Espionage achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Secret Agent : Cold War Espionage has 50 achievements worth 2000 gamerscore

Paris Soviet Accord Paris Soviet Accord 0 Break into the Soviet Embassy in Paris 50
Capitalist Spy Capitalist Spy 0 Escaped Molotov Prison in Eastern Siberia 50
FBI With A Warrant FBI With A Warrant 0 Diffused an incident at New York International 50
Tokyo San Tokyo San 0 Planted a homing device in Tokyo 50
Helsinki Syndrome Helsinki Syndrome 0 Found the mystery cargo in Helsinki 50
Casino Roma Casino Roma 0 Discovered Dr. Zavaro's secret lab in Rome 50
Agent Provocateur Agent Provocateur 0 Saved the world from total annihilation 100
Counter-espionage Counter-espionage 0 Retrieved all dossiers 50
Foreign Asset Foreign Asset 0 Picked up all forged passports 30
Counter-surveillance Counter-surveillance 0 Uncovered all CIA surveillance ops 50
Counter-intelligence Counter-intelligence 0 Spotted all foreign agents via binoculars 30
Wiretapped Wiretapped 0 Found all foreign listening bugs 30
Mole Hunt Mole Hunt 0 Listened to all tape and radio intercepts 30
Diplomatic Cache Diplomatic Cache 0 Found all hidden diplomatic briefcases 50
Dead Drop Dead Drop 0 Leap over 150 feet to your death 25
Ordered Chicken a la King Ordered Chicken a la King 0 Failed to diffuse a bomb 15
Cabin Crews Doors To Manual Cabin Crews Doors To Manual 0 Neutralized by an aircraft 15
Tokyo Bullet Tokyo Bullet 0 Neutralized by a subway train 15
Surveillance Op Surveillance Op 0 Destroyed over 20 security cameras 50
Follow That Cab Follow That Cab 0 Neutralized by a taxi cab 15
French Connection French Connection 0 Made first contact with a Russian Agent 15
Co-conspirator Co-conspirator 0 Fixed Viktor's TV problem. Knock him out first. 15
Honey Trap Honey Trap 0 Clear the electric fence in Helsinki without damage 15
Brut Molotov Cocktail Brut Molotov Cocktail 0 Solved the firing squad paradox 20
Dr. No Indeed Dr. No Indeed 0 Played Chemin de fer against Dr. Zavaro 20
Champagne Swing Champagne Swing 0 Played tennis and swam the pool 20
Rookie Mistake Rookie Mistake 0 Let the Z1 rocket launch countdown to zero 20
Counter-Soviet Counter-Soviet 0 Snipe five prison guards with a steady binocular 25
Informer Informer 0 Found Enigma bug 298 25
Ghost Agent Ghost Agent 0 Finish New York or Helsinki undetected 20

Secret Agent : Cold War Espionage - Title Update

There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Fu-ged-about-it Fu-ged-about-it 0 Found mobsters cash 50
Tango Down Tango Down 0 Neutralized by a Tokyo driver 25
Diplomatic faux pas Diplomatic faux pas 0 Speak to a diplomat before knocking them out 50
Shark Loan Shark Loan 0 Received a shark bite 50
Lethal Cuisine Lethal Cuisine 0 Shot a humble cook 25
Mark Of A Professional Mark Of A Professional 0 Recklessly blow up three fuel tankers 50
Gold Eyeball Gold Eyeball 0 Found homage 50
Mission Creep Mission Creep 0 Dry your hands 25
Six Bucks Coffee Six Bucks Coffee 0 Speak to the barista 25
Weapon Concealment Weapon Concealment 0 Enter undetected through a magnetometer 50
Shadow Mission Shadow Mission 0 Escape Molotov Prison undetected 50
Shadow OpSec Shadow OpSec 0 Finished Tokyo undetected 50
Collateral Damage Collateral Damage 0 Fractured a Ming Dynasty historical 50
Soviet Weapons Grade Soviet Weapons Grade 0 Discovered Russian Plutonium 25
Monster TV Monster TV 0 Ended a Monster TV Show 25
Kaputnik Launch Kaputnik Launch 0 Knockout 5 Mission Control Engineers 50
Doomsday faux pas Doomsday faux pas 0 Shot a Soviet nuclear missile 25
Pre-emptive Strike Pre-emptive Strike 0 Turned off a turret gun 50
Black Propaganda Black Propaganda 0 Found a secret boss lair 75
Agency Priority Target Agency Priority Target 0 Neutralized Zavaro the ringleader 200