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Secret Agent : Cold War Espionage - Title Update Achievements

Full list of Secret Agent : Cold War Espionage - Title Update achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Secret Agent : Cold War Espionage - Title Update has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Fu-ged-about-it Fu-ged-about-it 0 Found mobsters cash 50
Tango Down Tango Down 0 Neutralized by a Tokyo driver 25
Diplomatic faux pas Diplomatic faux pas 0 Speak to a diplomat before knocking them out 50
Shark Loan Shark Loan 0 Received a shark bite 50
Lethal Cuisine Lethal Cuisine 0 Shot a humble cook 25
Mark Of A Professional Mark Of A Professional 0 Recklessly blow up three fuel tankers 50
Gold Eyeball Gold Eyeball 0 Found homage 50
Mission Creep Mission Creep 0 Dry your hands 25
Six Bucks Coffee Six Bucks Coffee 0 Speak to the barista 25
Weapon Concealment Weapon Concealment 0 Enter undetected through a magnetometer 50
Shadow Mission Shadow Mission 0 Escape Molotov Prison undetected 50
Shadow OpSec Shadow OpSec 0 Finished Tokyo undetected 50
Collateral Damage Collateral Damage 0 Fractured a Ming Dynasty historical 50
Soviet Weapons Grade Soviet Weapons Grade 0 Discovered Russian Plutonium 25
Monster TV Monster TV 0 Ended a Monster TV Show 25
Kaputnik Launch Kaputnik Launch 0 Knockout 5 Mission Control Engineers 50
Doomsday faux pas Doomsday faux pas 0 Shot a Soviet nuclear missile 25
Pre-emptive Strike Pre-emptive Strike 0 Turned off a turret gun 50
Black Propaganda Black Propaganda 0 Found a secret boss lair 75
Agency Priority Target Agency Priority Target 0 Neutralized Zavaro the ringleader 200

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