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Rising Dusk Achievements

Full list of Rising Dusk achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Rising Dusk has 19 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Beginner's Luck Beginner's Luck 0 Collect your first Maneki Neko. 30
Lucky Collector Lucky Collector 0 Get all the Maneki Neko. 30
Cassette Collector Cassette Collector 0 Get all the cassette tapes. 30
Bone Breaker Bone Breaker 0 Get all the bones. 30
Economical Ending Economical Ending 0 Finish the game with less than 20 coins. 30
Deep-Pocketed Adventurer Deep-Pocketed Adventurer 0 Finish the game with more than 2000 coins. 30
Honorable Miko Honorable Miko 0 Finish the final temple room. 40
Challenge Child Challenge Child 0 Beat all levels with no checkpoint and unlock the Kozo costume. 30
Happi Coupons Happi Coupons 0 Find all the coupons and unlock the Happi costume 90
Ratty Retail Ratty Retail 0 Buy something from Tesso. 30
Uneventful Exploration Uneventful Exploration 0 Go looking for secrets where there aren't any to be found. 90
B-b-b-baka! B-b-b-baka! 0 Stop trying to collect that coin. 90
Bathtub Bargains Bathtub Bargains 0 Buy something from a bathtub. 30
Skeleton Saviour Skeleton Saviour 0 Received praise for keeping a promise. 90
Bone Bandit Bone Bandit 0 Received accusations of thievery. 90
Boombox Master Boombox Master 0 Listen to all the tapes. 30
Awkward Situation Awkward Situation 0 Didn't follow onsen etiquette. 90
Secret Ending Secret Ending 0 Get the secret ending. 90