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Kao the Kangaroo

Tate Multimedia
Tate Multimedia

Kao the Kangaroo

Optimized for Xbox Series X|S
Developer: Tate Multimedia
Publisher: Tate Multimedia Xbox Store: here Price: $29.99


Kao the Kangaroo will be making a triumphant return to platforming action on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam this summer.

In his latest adventure, Kao will use his boxing gloves to punch a path through his adversaries, jabbing his way through the obstacles ahead as he pummels his way to glory.

The original Kao the Kangaroo series collectively sold more than 700,000 units worldwide, with four games in total having launched across PC, PlayStation 2, PSP, Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, Game Boy Advance, and the aforementioned SEGA Dreamcast.

Xbox One X 4K Ultra HD
Offline Players: 1
Online Multiplayer: NO

Kao the Kangaroo Achievements
Kao the Kangaroo DLC
  • Kao the Kangaroo - Bend The Roo'les

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