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The Innsmouth Case

RobotPumpkin Games
Assemble Entertainment

The Innsmouth Case

Following (2) Developer: RobotPumpkin Games
Publisher: Assemble Entertainment Xbox Store: here Price: $14.99


The Innsmouth Case is a text adventure game inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and the very first text-based adventure to combine horror and comedy in a fit and proper way.

A desperate mother, a missing girl and a mystical place - a case could hardly be more challenging. To solve the enigmatic disappearance of little Tabitha Marsh, however, the toughest and cleverest detective of all is wanted... but he does not have the time - and so the job goes to you. This mysterious assignment takes you to the remote fishing village of Innsmouth, where nothing is what it seems…

Save the girl, solve the case, survive Innsmouth!

The Innsmouth Case is a detective adventure in the style of an interactive book inspired by the fantastical works of horror legend H.P. Lovecraft. The unique mixture of horror and humor makes The Innsmouth Case the first scary-comedy-text-adventure of its kind. A game in which every decision counts, and there is far more than one way to successfully solve the case ... or fail miserably!

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Offline Players: 1
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Online Multiplayer: NO

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