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Mothergunship Achievements

Full list of Mothergunship achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Mothergunship has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Welcome to the Resistance Welcome to the Resistance 0 Complete your first mission. (Triggers on activate exit button) 15
Buzzkill Buzzkill 0 Kill 1000 Spinbots 30
Gunshow Gunshow 0 Craft a gun with DPS of over 100 30
Splashpark Splashpark 0 Kill 5 Mobs in one Shot 30
Not a Scratch Not a Scratch 0 Complete mission without taking any damage 90
Ain't Got Time to Bleed Ain't Got Time to Bleed 0 Complete a Mission without killing anything except the boss 30
Do Ya, Punk? Do Ya, Punk? 0 Complete a mission without missing a single shot 90
Building Character Building Character 0 Survive 30 Challenge Rooms 90
Hoppy Froggy Hoppy Froggy 0 Get 40 Jumps in a single run 40
The Tower of Guns The Tower of Guns 0 Build a gun that uses over 20 parts at once 30
I Too Like to Live Dangerously I Too Like to Live Dangerously 0 Take 4 diceroll rooms in a single mission 30
A Bit More Shooting A Bit More Shooting 0 Fire 65535 shots 30
Thumbs Up! Thumbs Up! 0 Die from lava damage after killing a boss 30
Let's Get Physical Let's Get Physical 0 Complete nightmare mission without equipping any gun 90
Nice Work! Nice Work! 0 Complete the campaign 90
Welcome to Fight Club Welcome to Fight Club 0 Finish 1000 enemies using your fist 90
Craftsman Craftsman 0 Add part to a gun 1000 times 90
Tank Tank 0 Equip 10 armor upgrades 30
Right There! Right There! 0 Find 15 secrets in a single mission 30
Just a Beginning Just a Beginning 0 Reach room 20 in Endless 15