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Eternity: The Last Unicorn Achievements

Find all the Eternity: The Last Unicorn achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 35 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

A poem by Bragi A poem by Bragi 0 Complete the book of biographies 30
Back to work Back to work 0 Deliver Durin's hammer 25
Call of the Gods Call of the Gods 0 Ring the bell in the Gullveig's tower 25
Collector of Souls Collector of Souls 0 Defeat Skogul for the first time 25
Final Fantasy Final Fantasy 0 Collect all the trophies 40
Find the light Find the light 0 Get the light flask in Makala's temple 25
Forge Master Forge Master 0 Forge 10 different items 25
Freya's tear Freya's tear 0 Collect 10.000 shards 30
Frey's disciple Frey's disciple 0 Upgrade the elven sword at the maximum 30
Go to Hel Go to Hel 0 Defeat Gullveig 25
Iduna's apple Iduna's apple 0 Upgrade a character at the maximum 40
Jotun awakening Jotun awakening 0 Defeat Helviti 25
Lion of Amra Lion of Amra 0 Beat the arena mode with a character 40
Lord of the Aesir Lord of the Aesir 0 Beat all the arenas 25
Lothbrok's disciple Lothbrok's disciple 0 Upgrade the sword and shield at the maximum 30
Malboro? Malboro? 0 Defeat the Swamp Tentacle 25
Mercenary Mercenary 0 Release Zenogb from the witch's dungeon 25
Primordial creature Primordial creature 0 Talk to the Oracle in the Yggdrasil Garden 25
Prolonged life Prolonged life 0 Upgrade the Eir medallions at the maximum 40
Rebirth Rebirth 0 Purify all corrupted bodies 30
Release me Release me 0 Release the fairy 25
Servant of Odin Servant of Odin 0 Defeat Skogul for the second time 25
Silent Death Silent Death 0 Defeat the Spider Queen 25
Skadi's disciple Skadi's disciple 0 Upgrade the skadian bow at the maximum 30
Skadi's relic Skadi's relic 0 Get the Skadian Bow 25
Son of Fenrir Son of Fenrir 0 Defeat Úlfrstórr 25
The fallen brother The fallen brother 0 Defeat Erick, The Corrupted 25
The last guardian The last guardian 0 Find the lord of the forest 25
The last of the unicorns The last of the unicorns 0 Finish the game 30
The Return of the King The Return of the King 0 Defeat the Old King Wolfric 25
The scholar The scholar 0 Collect all scrolls of Elros 30
Treasure hunter Treasure hunter 0 Collect all the chests 40
Tyr's disciple Tyr's disciple 0 Upgrade the two-handed sword at the maximum 30
Vingólf's gift Vingólf's gift 0 Get the long jump 25
Welcome to Valhalla Welcome to Valhalla 0 Release all bodies corrupted by the swords 30