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The Wild at Heart Achievements

Full list of The Wild at Heart achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Wild at Heart has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Nutriment Whiz Nutriment Whiz 0 Craft every type of Meal. 50
Mix Master Mix Master 0 Craft every type of Tonic. 50
The Totally Full at Heart The Totally Full at Heart 0 Purchase all health upgrades. 50
Back off man, I'm a scientist Back off man, I'm a scientist 0 Purchase every Gustbuster upgrade. 50
Hal Jordan Who?! Hal Jordan Who?! 0 Purchase every Warden's Way upgrade. 50
Now This Sparks Joy Now This Sparks Joy 0 Purchase every Bag Slot upgrade. 50
Home Is Where the Hearth Is Home Is Where the Hearth Is 0 Purchase every Spriteling Cap upgrade. 50
Cat-astrophe Averted Cat-astrophe Averted 0 Safely return all of Litterbox's cats to the Grove. 50
This is the Way This is the Way 0 Complete every beastie bounty from 20/20. 50
Trove Trustee Trove Trustee 0 Completely fill out the Grove Trove, finding every last missing treasure. 50
Pagemaster Pagemaster 0 Find all the Lost Journal Pages missing from "Book". 50
Pathfinder Pathfinder 0 Fully reveal the maps for every known area of the Deep Woods. 50
Look Ma, No Hands! Look Ma, No Hands! 0 Break a crystal with Barblings without throwing them. 25
Freezy Pops Freezy Pops 0 Get 5 or more Spritelings frozen in ice simultaneously. 25
Geography Buff Geography Buff 0 Learn about every area of the Deep Woods from 20/20. 25
Hot Goss Hot Goss 0 Listen to all the juicy gossip that the Twins have to dish. 25
FAQ Finder FAQ Finder 0 Hear all of Scrap Heap's tips and tricks. 25
S’more the Merrier S’more the Merrier 0 Build your first camp. 10
Trainee Tinkerer Trainee Tinkerer 0 Craft your first item. 10
Bargain Bin Bargain Bin 0 Make a trade with Rubbish. 20

Secret Achievements

The Adventure Begins The Adventure Begins 0 Successfully run away from home. 5
Welcome to the Deep Woods Welcome to the Deep Woods 0 Reach The Grove, the home of the Greenshields. 15
A Fractured Order A Fractured Order 0 Recall all wayward Greenshields to The Grove, uncovering the details of their missions. 15
The Final Passage The Final Passage 0 Open the way to Umbral Lethea, using the power of the Greenshield Artifacts. 25
Resealed and Restored Resealed and Restored 0 Defeat The Never. 50
Herd is the Word Herd is the Word 0 Befriend all 5 main Spriteling Types. 50
All-Nighter All-Nighter 0 Stay up through the night until daybreak, outside of The Grove. 25
GOOOOAAAALLL! GOOOOAAAALLL! 0 Kick an item directly into the Stash Box. 25
Nature Bath Nature Bath 0 Take a moment of thoughtful meditation by the waterfall in Heartlands. 25