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Eternal - Empire of Glass Achievements

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There are 8 achievements with a total of 80 points.

Merchant Prince Merchant Prince 0 Have at least 10 cards in your market 10
Risky Living Risky Living 0 Pay all but 1 of your health to Diabolic Machinations 10
Out of Tricks Out of Tricks 0 Empty your market after beginning it with 5 cards 10
Grind It Out Grind It Out 0 Have a Rotoscavenger with at least 10 Strength 10
I'll Take Those I'll Take Those 0 Silence an enemy with at least 3 battle skills with Sharp Tactician 10
Big Boom Big Boom 0 Deal at least 20 damage with a single Pyrotech Explosion 10
Soldier Summoning Soldier Summoning 0 Play 100 Soldiers 10
Mandrake Maintenance Mandrake Maintenance 0 Play 100 Mandrakes 10

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