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Injection π23 'Ars regia' Achievements

Full list of Injection π23 'Ars regia' achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Injection π23 'Ars regia' has 26 achievements worth 1373 gamerscore

One man army One man army 0 'No weapons' 23
Elite Elite 0 'S Class' 23
F Money F Money 0 '0 Coins' 23
Liberate Liberate 0 'Break the chains that bind to world' 23
Moms always have the reason Moms always have the reason 0 'Relaxed sons' 23
About medals About medals 0 'All gold medals' 100
Speedrunner Speedrunner 0 'Complete game in less 5 hours on nightmare level' 23
I have information I have information 0 'All documents' 23
Not your gun Not your gun 0 'Save Hagbard Celine' 23
Classic player Classic player 0 'Complete game with classic cameras view' 50
The Last Rave The Last Rave 0 'All flyers' 50
I Love Breakbeat I Love Breakbeat 0 'All cd sessions' 23

Secret Achievements

Eris the dancer Eris the dancer 0 'Dance with Eris' 50
D3c0d3r D3c0d3r 0 'Unlock Secret Documents' 50
A posibility between two worlds A posibility between two worlds 0 'Find the ring' 23
Arcade machine Arcade machine 0 'Win in Polybius' 50
Any collectable thing Any collectable thing 0 'All collections' 50
"Videar" old movies "Videar" old movies 0 'Complete WOPR easter egg' 50
Call to GOD Call to GOD 0 'Call GOD from mobile phone' 50
MK ULTRA MK ULTRA 0 'Bad ending' 70
ACID ACID 0 'Alternative ending' 100
THE PROGRAM THE PROGRAM 0 'Good ending' 100

Injection π23 'Ars regia' - Halloween Expansion

Secret Achievements

Rejection Rejection 0 Halloween expansion complete 23

Injection π23 'Ars regia' - Christmas Expansion

There are 3 achievements with a total of 350 points.

A Chritsmas tale A Chritsmas tale 0 Complete Christmas expansion 100

Secret Achievements

Unmasked Unmasked 0 The right decision 200
There was never a monster There was never a monster 0 Find the monster 50