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ISLETS Achievements

Full list of ISLETS achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

ISLETS has 44 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Root of Evil Root of Evil 0 Defeat Grave Crawler 20
Something's Fishy... Something's Fishy... 0 Defeat the Sky Pirates 20
Tour Trouble Tour Trouble 0 Defeat the Tomb of 1000 Spirits 20
9 Lives and 8 Knives 9 Lives and 8 Knives 0 Defeat the Buried Beast 20
Ticking Timebomb Ticking Timebomb 0 Defeat the ClockMaker 20
Coming to Grips Coming to Grips 0 Defeat GrappleBot 20
A Sky Tail A Sky Tail 0 Defeat MechaRat 20
Grave Danger Grave Danger 0 Defeat the Forgotten Grave 20
Tulip Tussle Tulip Tussle 0 Defeat the Runaway Plant 20
A Swampy Situation A Swampy Situation 0 Defeat Swamp Frog 20
Stone Cold Witch Stone Cold Witch 0 Defeat the Stone Witch 20
Exterminator Exterminator 0 Defeat Defender Unit 20
Robot Rampage Robot Rampage 0 Defeat Rogue Bot 20
Boney Battle Boney Battle 0 Defeat BoneGolem 20
Burning Bridges Burning Bridges 0 Defeat FilthPest 20
Behind the Mask Behind the Mask 0 Defeat GutGhoul 60
Back to Life Back to Life 0 Reverse the Stone Witch's Curse 20
Turning a New Leaf Turning a New Leaf 0 Visit Snoot's Shop 20
An Old Friend An Old Friend 0 Visit the Forgotten Grave's Spirit 20
The Mystery Beyond The Mystery Beyond 0 Open the Final Gate 20
Keeping Up with Friends Keeping Up with Friends 0 Open a Post Box 20
Pins in the Map Pins in the Map 0 Buy Map Markers 20
Shrine Bright Shrine Bright 0 Buy the Shrine Shifter 20
All Mapped Out All Mapped Out 0 Buy Upgrade Markers 20
Strengthened Sword Strengthened Sword 0 Upgrade your Sword Strength 20
Sharper Arrows Sharper Arrows 0 Upgrade your Arrow Strength 20
Feeling Stronger Feeling Stronger 0 Upgrade your Health 20
Can't Touch This Can't Touch This 0 Beat a Boss With Full Health 20
A Better Bucket A Better Bucket 0 Upgrade your Airship 20
Top of the Line Top of the Line 0 Upgrade your Airship Again 20
A Little Stronger A Little Stronger 0 Collect an Upgrade 20
Pretty Tough! Pretty Tough! 0 Collect 10 Upgrades 20
Halfway There Halfway There 0 Collect 30 Upgrades 20
Fully Equipped Fully Equipped 0 Collect all 60 Upgrades 30
All in a Row All in a Row 0 Complete Boss Rush 30
Make it out Alive Make it out Alive 0 Complete Boss Rush Without Dying 40
The Toughest Warrior The Toughest Warrior 0 Beat Boss Rush on Hard Difficulty 40
Paying your Dues Paying your Dues 0 Open All 5 Paid Gates 20
Getting Thirsty Getting Thirsty 0 Find a Hidden Nook 20
Loving the Rain Loving the Rain 0 Find Both Hifing Spots in Rainy Plains 20
X Marks the Spot X Marks the Spot 0 Complete the Scavenger Hunt 20
Strongest Sword Strongest Sword 0 Reach a Sword Strength of 10 30
Sharpest Arrows Sharpest Arrows 0 Reach an Arrow Strength of 10 30
The Pits The Pits 0 Fall into the Deadly Pit of Recently Escapes Spirits 20