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Polyfury Achievements

Full list of Polyfury achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Polyfury has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Spiteful Square Spiteful Square 0 Defeated the Spiteful Square 20
Pitiless Pentagon Pitiless Pentagon 0 Defeated the Pitiless Pentagon 20
Hyper Hexagon Hyper Hexagon 0 Defeated the Hyper Hexagon 20
Triangle Twins Triangle Twins 0 Defeated the Triangle Twins 30
Hateful Heptagram Hateful Heptagram 0 Defeated the Hateful Heptagram 30
Terrifying Tetrapod Terrifying Tetrapod 0 Defeated the Terrifying Tetrapod 30
Octagon Overlord Octagon Overlord 0 Defeated the Octagon Overlord 40
Golden Square Golden Square 0 Got a 3 star score on the Spiteful Square 30
Golden Pentagon Golden Pentagon 0 Got a 3 star score on the Pitiless Pentagon 30
Golden Hexagon Golden Hexagon 0 Got a 3 star score on the Hyper Hexagon 30
Golden Triangles Golden Triangles 0 Got a 3 star score on the Triangle Twins 40
Golden Heptagram Golden Heptagram 0 Got a 3 star score on the Hateful Heptagram 40
Golden Tetrapod Golden Tetrapod 0 Got a 3 star score on the Terrifying Tetrapod 40
Golden Octagon Golden Octagon 0 Got a 3 star score on the Octagon Overlord 50
Dirty Cheat Dirty Cheat 0 Entered a cheat code 10
Dodge This Dodge This 0 Defeated the Spitedful Square without taking a hit 30
Thorny Laser Thorny Laser 0 Defeated the Pitiless Pentagon with your laser 30
Danger Nachos Danger Nachos 0 Defeated both of the Hyper Hexagon's mini triangles 30
Two Birds, One Stone Two Birds, One Stone 0 Simultaneously defeated both of the Triangle Twins 30
Survivor Survivor 0 Didn't get hit during the Hateful Heptagram's survival phase 40
Stay Put Stay Put 0 Interrupted the Terrifying Tetrapod's teleport 40
Defenceless Defenceless 0 Removed all the Octagon Overlord's shielding 40
The Gauntlet The Gauntlet 0 Beat the Gauntlet 100
God of the Shapes God of the Shapes 0 Beat the Gauntlet with a three star score 200