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Mayhem Heroes

Lucky Raccoon Games
Lucky Raccoon Games

Mayhem Heroes

Optimized for Xbox Series X|S
Developer: Lucky Raccoon Games
Publisher: Lucky Raccoon Games Xbox Store: here Price: $5.49


Mayhem Heroes is a frenetic beat'em up where you need to take down as many enemies as possible and, preferably, be the last one standing. Use punches, kicks, super attacks and power ups to send your opponents flying out of the arena! Play with up to 4 friends (local multiplayer) and show them who's the boss!

With a wide variety of moves, supers and power ups you'll be able to finish off your enemies with style, just like in Hollywood action movies! Each hero also has their signature move, with even more power and aggression.

Play versus or co-op in various game modes
Go on a rampage in the "More Kills" versus mode, play with a lot of strategy in the "Last Survivor" versus mode or face a horde of furious enemies in the "Survival" co-op mode.

Heroes with unique attributes and characteristics
Each hero has their strengths and weaknesses and it's up to you to master them. Make the best choice according to your fighting style and game mode.

Dynamic Arenas
As if the enemies weren't enough, in each arena you will also have a challenge to face, from angry skeletons, to earthquakes and wizards who cast meteors.

Anyone can play, but mastering is for the strong!
Despite the really simple mechanics that anyone can play, it is necessary to have a strategy to survive enemy attacks and also the obstacles and challenges of each arena. Be smart and always have a strategy in mind, as the game can change at any moment!

Better with friends
Nothing like laughing at someone's face, right? All Mayhem Heroes game modes (versus or co-op) support 1-4 players.

Xbox Play AnywhereXbox One X 4K Ultra HDXbox One X HDR10
Offline Players: 2-4
  • Xbox Series X|S Optimized
  • Xbox 4K Ultra HD
  • Xbox Play Anywhere
  • Shared/Split Screen
  • 120 fps
  • 60 fps+
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: N/A

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