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  • How to Enable Debug Mode on Xbox One Consoles

    The method of activation Debug mode is now known! For the average user, this feature does you no good. But for devs, this can open a lot of doors. For those wishing to see the debug mode by...

    Published 7 years ago by Anonymous Read More
  • How To Install PPSSPP PSP Emulator on Xbox One

    PPSSPP PSP Emulator can now be installed on Xbox One via DEV MODE. What is PPSSPP? PPSSPP (an acronym for "PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably") is a free and...

    Published 3 years ago by doa666 Read More
  • How to Make Your Own Xbox One Background

    The latest Media Player update allows you to create customized Xbox One backgrounds using your own pictures. Here's how it works: Connect a USB to console / Connect a source through DLNA Launch...

    Published 7 years ago by MajorNelson Read More
  • How to play music on your Xbox One in the background

    This guide will show you how to play music on your Xbox One in the background. How to play music on your Xbox One in the background 1. Power up your Xbox One. 2. Head on over to the Microsoft...

    Published 2 years ago by Xbox Read More
  • How to Read/Write the Xbox One NAND

    Team Xecuter has released complete details on how to read and write the Xbox One NAND. Full credits go to Tydye81, Juvenal, RF1911 and RickyB82. Important For the 2 x GND wires use 12...

    Published 7 years ago by Team Xecutor Read More
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  • How to Setup a VPN on Xbox One

    If you use your Xbox on a regular basis, chances are you connect it to the internet. In fact, we are willing to bet you use it for much more than just playing video games. Why wouldn't you? Who...

    Published 2 years ago by Alex Read More
  • How to Share Digital Games, DLC & Xbox Live Gold on Xbox One

    Overview This tutorial explains how to share digital games, downloadable content (dlc) and Xbox Live Gold with a friend on Xbox One. Once complete, both you and your friend will have access to each...

    Published 5 years ago by DJB Read More
  • How to Update your Xbox One Controller Firmware

    This simple tutorial will show you how to update your Xbox One controller firmware. How to update your Xbox One controller firmware: 1. Connect a controller to your Xbox One with a USB...

    Published 6 years ago by forahobby Read More
  • How to Upgrade Xbox One Hard Drive to Unofficial 1TB

    Xbox One HDD Tools What this does Given any HDD over 500GB in size, you can format it for use with your Microsoft Xbox One console How Downloads - Xbox One HDD...

    Published 7 years ago by Juvenal Read More
  • How To Use A VPN on your XBOX

    Are you concerned about security for your XBOX? Are you worried about your activities been used to track you? Then, you should install a VPN on your XBOX. A VPN is a method of extending a private...

    Published 2 years ago by Walter Read More

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